Hiya, today I have a gorgeous Vintage Shabby Chic style card for you that I have called Autumn Floral but which actually could be used and made at any time of the year.

I called it that because of the shades I used on the card but those shades are not limited to being used in Autumn plus of course you could completely change the colours used and get a completely fresh look.  The other day Phill Martin was asking on twitter how people start their cards, for him he said he started with the shape and size of the card, for me it is just an element, a theme, something I have seen in a completely different context for eg a piece of fashion, but in this case the card started with the colours.

This was actually a birthday card I made for a friend of my Mum and these colours happen to be some of her favourites.  I then worked from that point grabbing out to start with papers from my stash and putting them together to see what ones I liked together. I then moved from papers to embellishments and piled up a lot of different things that I may or may not have used but gave me my inspiration pile – this also included my paper flowers.  And that is where the video starts with that pile of goodies on the table in front of us. So now lets go and see how the card turns out with my Vintage Shabby Chic Autumn Floral Card video:-

SO what did you think? As always I would love to hear from you, esp on here as I love to know you made your way across to here to see all the photos.  And speaking of photos here they are. As always dont forget to click on the photo to see it in full and larger. You can then just click on the arrow next to the enlarged photo to move onto the next one or you can click the play button and sit back and watch as the computer slides through them all for you:-

So that is it for today, do check out the links below if you are interested in any of the products used, otherwise thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed, do come back next week as I have a gorgeous Sue Wilson card for you and I may also have a Sue Wilson haul video for you too as she has just launched some new dies. So for now Hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

4 Comments on Vintage Shabby Chic Autumn Floral Card

    • I don’t understand as I can see it and clearly others have been watching it fine as I have comments here and on youtube. Maybe try using a different browser. Sometimes YT can get odd with one and works on another. So if you are using internet explorer try mozilla for eg. Hope you manage to watch soon as Its a great card even if I do say so myself x

    • Thank you hhunni, and glad you liked it. The idea was exactly that, almost like a secret garden where you keep finding little treasure hidden lol! xx

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