Hiya, today I have a very ostentatious Christmas Card for you, made using some crazy holographic, glitter, pearlescent (and I don’t know what!) type of card stock! lol!

The card came from that massive card haul of card that I had from Create & Craft a little while back (I have put the video below in case you missed it) and since then I have been dying to make a really unashamedly sparkly card with it. Not a card where there might be a little hint of it in a mat and layer but a card where the holographic sparkliness of it shouts at you! lol! I think this does that but I also still think it is not a tacky cheap card. It is a fun card and still quality card and I think that is achieved by a couple of things.

The quality of the card itself and the fact that the card base was strong. If you use a thin card for your card base the whole thing lacks that quality feel I think, so that was the first thing. The second was the colours complimented each other well, so that doesn’t mean it has to be that almost monochrome look I have here, have tonnes of colours but just make sure they work or deliberately and unashamedly clash. Thirdly I added an insert, Make sure you do something to the inside of your cards for that added quality feel to them, that doesnt have to be an insert, it could even be just a lovely sentiment, but in my opinion the more you have going on on the front the more you need something on the inside to balance it out. Again it can be simple but peraonally I think blank insides only work on a very classic clean and simple front – but that is only my view 🙂 And them lastly on this card I added a coloured envelope. So enough chatter here is my Holographic Glitter Christmas Card video:-

So as alway here are the photos, dont forget click on them to see them in full:

Now as promised above and in the video here is the haul blog post that featured this card and much more, this will also have the product links on it for you as really the card is pretty much all this card (I have no idea where the little toppers came from sorry):

So that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed something a bit different again, and I hope that you newbies can see how easy it is to create great cards but also how you experienced crafters can see how you can take the idea of this card and run with it – the main one being of course to create your own little toppers. Anyway hugs and have a great craft day,








Amanda Evans

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