Hiya, so here we are on the last day and last video of our week of Lolli’s Lodge videos and for todays video we are going to finish with a quick look at my Youtube Craft Video Camera & Lights Setup.

So firstly just to say for the final time this week, in case you are watching these out of order just let let you know that each video will be in two halves, the first half will look at my storage solution for that item of craft and then the second half will take a look or craft room tour of that crafty item so you can have a good nosy as to all parts of my new Lolli’s Lodge. I figured if I did it that way then if you are only interested in the storage solution part then you can stop the video when it gets to the next section, whereas if I mixed it all in together, which in many ways would have been easier since when showing storage solutions you naturally see the actual crafty stash, you could not switch it off at that point.

In addition I have added a couple of new categories on the blog menu on the right hand side, one for Lolli’s Lodge and one for Storage Solutions so that you can easily find all the video posts uploaded this week.

So for todays video we are taking a look at how I setup my camera and lights in order to make all these crafty videos for you. I dont know if it is of interest but I do know I used to like to look at how other YouTubers set up their equipment so here is my Lolli’s Lodge YouTube Camera Lights Setup video, enjoy:-

So there aren’t any photos for this one, but I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting to see behind the scenes as it were. As for the rest of the week I hope you enjoyed all the videos and most importantly I hope you liked my big surprise and the big reveal. It has been very hard to keep it a secret and I am very happy that it is all out in the open now lol! I still have some work to do to finish things off in the lodge, clearly up the room where all my craft moved from, still selling off a load of bits too, plus I want to finish off the last bits on this website, At some point when things get a little more time manageable I will go back to my two videos a week but for now it is usually going to be just the one. Thanks so much for watching this week and I will see you next week for a crafty video. So for now  hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Lolli’s Lodge YouTube Camera Lights Setup

  1. I love your videos. So much fun! I cannot locate the links for the products that you use to film.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, I don’t know why it was not showing as I checked the code part of the post and it was there, but when I came on here it flicked up and then went away. i have added again and now i can see it, the only thing I can think is that the company I use to do these links is changing over to a whole new site, name, system etc and maybe something there effected it. If you see it anywhere else, esp over the next few months while they change over I would be grateful to know. I can’t always see it as I am logged in automatically as me and it shows me something slightly different to what you see. Thanks again and hopefully you can see the links now xx

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