Hiya, today we have another Lolli’s Lodge videos for you today and in this one we are going to be looking at my Storage Solutions and Crafty Stash for Embellishments which includes things such as Gems, Pearls, Glitters, Flowers, Feathers, Foam Shapes and more.

So for todays video we are taking a look at a Paper, Paper pads, Card Stock and Kits & Collections and how I have decided to store these things.  🙂

Now in case you are watching these out of order just let let you know that for most of these videos I have done them in two halves, the first half will look at my storage solution for that item of craft and then the second half will take a look or craft room tour of that crafty item so you can have a good nosy as to all parts of my new Lolli’s Lodge. However with this one by the very nature of it as you look at the storage solution you also see the stash as we go along, however just to add that with Papers etc  it would be a very long video indeed if I showed you every single sheet and every paper pad so I have spared you that and just gone for a quick pick and flick so you get a flavour of what the crafty stash is and of course what type of paper card etc I have chosen to store in that particular storage method.

In addition I have added a couple of new categories on the blog menu on the right hand side, one for Lolli’s Lodge and one for Storage Solutions so that you can easily find all the video posts uploaded this week.

Anyway here is my Lolli’s Lodge Storage Solutions & Craft Room Tour – Paper & Card video, enjoy:-

So I hope you enjoyed the video and found the ideas useful but now as always here are some photos, and don’t forget to click on the photos to see them in full:-

So that is it for this post, pop back later to see more Storage & Craft Room Tour video posts.  In the meantime hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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