Hiya, today I have for you a whole heap of mixed easter cards ranging from House Mouse, Hunkydory, Watercoloring, Decoupage, FlowerSoft and more.

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These are cards that I made over the years before I started this blog and I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. You can see that there are a couple of house mouse cards in here but ones made in a couple of different styles. One is made using pre-printed sheets that are cut out to make the decoupage layers and background. Another is stamped and coloured. And another is accented using yellow flowersoft on the chicks.

The gorgeous pink polka dot card with the balancing easter eggs is of course Hunkydory, how could you not recognise that style. However this one was made pretty much just using the background card because the backing card design was so lovely that it would have been such a shame not to feature it. All I did was add the sentiment. What a lovely card for such little effort lol!

A couple of the other cards, for e.g. the triple easel card was made using elements that came with a magazine believe it or not. They were such fun colourful toppers and pieces that it just inspired me to make these fun cards.

The Daffodil card is probably one of my favourites here, all I did was take a ‘peel off’ gold foil look sticker stuck it to some crafters companion pearl card and then watercoloured between the raised areas of the sticker. It looked like a stained glass window. But to colour it was like when you colour a stamp that you have stamped and embossed where you get that lovely raised edge to each section. And I loved how it came out, just screams of spring I think.

Another favourite was the Rainbow card, which I made on my Silhouette. I made this as a commission and I really like how it turned out and I think the cross looks so amazing and it was just a couple of layers of gold mirri with a little Stickles to add the sparkle.

Finally the Joy card was made using the lovely Anna Griffin’s products.

Anyway enough chatter I figure these are pretty self explanatory so here are my Mixed Easter Cards :-

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these cards. I know I did, looking back at things I had made in the past really does give you inspiration and shows how much your style has changed. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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2 Comments on Mixed Easter Cards

  1. Wow Amanda, what lovely cards – my favourite is the mother bunny with the leverett – so sweet. Where do you keep all your cards? Do you have a “craft library” extension to the house? LOL
    Thanks for sharing , I thoroughly enjoyed them all.
    Hugs, Rose

    • Thank you sweet Im glad you liked them and yes I liked that one too. As for storage the cards are kept in big plastic boxes with pieces of labelled card between to identify the category i.e. wedding, birthday etc. I also have all my cards labelled with my details label on the back and all put in individual cellophane card bags, each card in its bag is then labelled with its category again birthday, wedding etc and also a coloured dot which represents the price band of that card. 🙂

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