Hiya, today I have a quick problem solving video for you that has been much requested. I have been asked by a lot of you why 1. their Spellbinders Platinum Cutting Plates are warping/bowing so quickly after purchase? and 2. why some it is so hard for some dies to go through the Spellbinders Platinum machine? These two problems are actually caused by the same thing and this video will show you the easy solution.

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When putting thin metal non-Spellbinder dies through the Platinum the marginal additional thickness of these dies is causing the overall ‘sandwich’ to be marginally thicker. In doing so there is additional pressure on that sandwich when it is being cranked through the machine. That additional pressure makes the whole thing feel very hard to go through but also will make those plates warp/bow. In the video I explain and demonstrate how to solve this problem. This I think will work most of the time but there almost certainly will be the odd die that just seems too hard to go through. The key is, even with the method I show in the video, that you should never force your dies through the machine, if it really is stupid stiff then stop and try a different combination or message me and I will try to help. Anyway enough chatter here is my Spellbinders Platinum How To Stop Plates Warping video:-

So I hope that has helped those who asked and those who didn’t too. Please don’t let this put you off the Platinum. This is actually a method we should use with all our machines to safeguard them, but the reason it has become more prominent with the Platinum is because of the real ‘oomph’ that they have put in the machine to get it to cut those intricate dies in one pass. It is actually a good thing and as long as you use this method I think you should find all works well. That said this is just my personal experience and opinion so please don’t shout at me if it doesn’t work lol! So hugs for now,

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Amanda Evans

10 Comments on Spellbinders Platinum How To Stop Plates Warping

  1. Hi Amanda,
    thank you so much for this video – it makes it crystal clear and I suppose this method would work for ANY machine, as they are all based on rollers pressing down on the card and die to cut it out. You’re a star.
    Hugs, Rose

    • Yes definitely do this for all machines. I can’t say I always remember to do it but when I haven’t it has ended up with me having warped plates so then I remember lol! Im glad it helped and sorry for my croaky voice, i was getting sick and in fact have been in bed until today feeling dreadful – man flu! lol! xx

  2. Hey there Amanda! I don’t have this machine yet but It is at the top of my Wish List..I want it so bad but can’t afford it…ANYWAY, you’re so smart, I wouldn’t have thought to do this..It will save a lot of people a lot of plates and they will be able to use it for a longer time..I am going to do this with my Big Shot and see if I can keep my plates longer..I Love the GENIUS plates and wish they would make those for ALL machines as you don’t have to worry because that mat is like a healing mat…Well honey, thank you for your post for today. I will be posting it to my Pinterest probably tomorrow…As always I LOVE everything you do..take care, Victoria

    • Im glad you found it helpful sweet and hopefully it will be helpful to people with all machines as its a technique you can use on any of them and it should help. Thanks for the promotion, it is much appreciated, and also thanks for the get well wishes and you are right it is awful, I haven’t felt this poorly in ages. Not working at all apart from emails and comments and that has only been today and yesterday cos been in bed before that. Ahh listen to me all sorry for myself lol! hugs and thanks xx

  3. PS please take care of yourself…IF you have the same cold I had before the holidays it gets bad..so rest, and drink lots of fluids..blessings, V

  4. Great video! I don’t have the platinum yet but I do have the Grand C and the Big Shot. The plates on the Grand C. are great but the Big Shot plates bow. Now I know why. Thank you so much. Hopefully, I won’t have to replace them so often and that is why I’m hesitant to buy the Platinum. You solved two in one for me. Lol

    • Golly, Im even better than I knew – 2 problems in won lol! Just off to shine the halo (and my big head he he) But seriously glad to have helped and this was as the result of questions from Lolliettes so please always ask and I will try to help xx

  5. I’m glad you put this out there. I Agree 100%.
    I also like to rotate my cutting pads too. Thankyou.

    • It def makes them last longer doesn’t it. Esp in this machine with all that extra pressure. Thanks for watching and leaving a comment, Amanda xx

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