Hiya, today I have for you our first Christmas Cards of the year and for these I have gone for a CAS look so that we could bulk make them.

With our Christmas Cards makes it is helpful, because of the number we need to make, to be able to make them as bulk makes. Clearly we still will want our special cards for the xtra special people in our lives but other than these we need to make great cards but in quantity. So for these cards I went for a simple design, which could easily be repeated with a different image, and could be simplified further by not adding the insert, which was quick and easy to make but still looked great. I hope you agree. So here is my CAS Reindeer Christmas Cards – Make in Bulk video:-

So what did you think? I thought they turned out so cute. And as I said above you could easily change the reindeer for something else. A different sticker design maybe, or something completely different on the front like a die cut. The possibilities are huge 🙂  But now I have as always the photos for you to see of the finished cards:_

So that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed. I have as always put the product links down below my signature with the links to the things used in this project as best as I am able. Otherwise thanks for watching, see you next time, and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on CAS Reindeer Christmas Cards – Make in Bulk

  1. Fabulous card set Amanda. You’re so right, I often look at those expensive card sets and see just how cheaply they can be made, and it’s so simple too, when you’ve got such pretty embellishments etc on hand.

    • I know I really had a good look at them before making these and really thought that it is about the design. They really often go for a lot of clear open space and simple colour palette and i thought I know we could replicate these. Glad you liked and thanks as always for leaving a comment on here xx

  2. I love these little cards and being new to card making they are just about my level of skill. Thought I would use them for my grandchildren’s teachers and friends etc. I can’t get enough of your videos, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    • thank you so much Denise, and so sorry Im late in replying to you here. I dont know if you follow my facebook page but if you do then you would have seen that last weeks video did not happen due to internet issues i am having and I suspect those issues to be the reason I hadn’t received notification of your comment until now. Anyway got to see it eventually and really glad you enjoyed the cards and so grateful for your lovely compliments, Amanda x

  3. I love the Tim Holtz Christmas cards but love the little bulk reindeer ones the best, do you plan doing any similar ones in the near future.? X

    • I can, I have only just started thinking about Christmas Cards, but def can add something like this again. What was it that appealed? the size? that it is clean and simple? stickers? Just so I dont repeat but do know what it is that is making you like them so that can be the starting point 🙂

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