Hiya, a couple of years back we took a look at my Copic Airbrush System and had a little look at how it worked etc. At that time I was using the air can with it and was not that impressed with the way it worked, it did the trick for an interim period but really it did not last long and did not have enough ‘ummph’ to last that long. So today we are going to take a look at my upgraded system and I am going to show you what I have got and briefly how it works.

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I can’t remember if I said to you in that previous video that in my previous job as an educator in our family nails business that one of the things I taught was Airbrushing onto nails. At that time I had a big old beast of a compressor that could easily run several airbrushes at one time. I loved teaching Airbrushing and I loved doing it, so it seems to me a natural progression to bring that into my craft, with the added bonus of being able to use it on my nails too! lol!  So here is my Airbrush Updated Review video for you which I hope you will find interesting and enjoyable ;-

So as you can see although I have upgraded I haven’t quite gone back to the old days, that said even back then I had a longing to own a baby bunny as it used to be called, and I have to say it hasn’t disappointed. The great thing too is now not only will this run the Copic Airbrush much better but it also has a proper Airbrush which means I can use paint. Now technically I can use normal paint in this Airbrush however my experience has taught me that these Medea paints go through the fine airbrush so much nicer. Regular paints can have heavier pigment particles so will clog the airbrush easily. It won’t break it but it is just a royal pain to have to keep cleaning it all the time to get it to work. The other thing I must say that these can also be used on cakes but don’t forget if you are using an Airbrush on food then have one Airbrush that is dedicated to work on food only. You do not want to be using an airbrush that has had regular paints and cleaning fluid onto you food!

Anyway just before we go just a couple more things firstly I will just pop below the previous video for you in case you didn’t see that one, next to say that the links to the products as always are below but also to add that I am no longer associated with the Airbrush Co and do not get any payment of recompense for this post, the views expressed are entirely mine alone 🙂

So I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my updated system and as always I would love to hear from you, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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