Hiya, today we are going to be looking at my Erin Condren 2016 life planner and a number of custom removable interchangeable covers I had ordered.


So a while back I placed my order for my Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner plus I ordered a number of the interchangeable covers which I did customise quite a lot. So what I am going to do is put the video here for you and then follow it with all the details of exactly what I ordered, the customisations I made, colours picked etc.

For the 2016 life planner and Condron has made a number of changes which I think Will definitely improve the quality of the planner. The biggest change I guess is that you can now choose to have the horizontal layouts and, Personally I have stuck with my vertical layout because that really works for me. The other changes include: –

  • Larger coil
  • Foiled insert
  • Quotes at the beginning of each month
  • Stronger and improved” keep it together” pocket
  • More freebie
  • Larger notes section
  • A new style, New patterns on the ruler

…. to name but a few! For me the really big improvement is the addition of the larger coil. I have really noticed on this years planner how, already in August, the coil is getting really full,  where I decorate my weekly pages and it adds significantly over time to the thickness of the planner. Since Erin has realised that a good amount of people now do decorate their weekly Pages she also realised that it was essential to increase the coil size. This is definitely a change I can’t wait for. But anyway now here is my Erin Condron 2016 Life planner and more video for you: –

So I hope you enjoyed the video and here as promised are the details of exactly once I had ordered I will then follow that move some photos so you can see all my goodies:-

  • fleur feliz – METALLIC PLATINUM – LifePlanner™ -peony
  • party pops – covers -custom colorway:-
    pops and text color: white
    background color: black
  • create your own design – covers -custom colorway
    my own picture and font is sacramento
  • island fleur – covers -custom colorway –
    pattern color: baby blue
    background color: white
  • prism – covers -custom colorway –
    primary color: lilac
    accent color: white
  • paisley – covers -custom colorway –
    pattern color: light pink
    background color: lavender
  • photo floral – covers

And now here are all the photos of the Planner inside & out and all the covers. And just to remind you again that you can click on the pictures to get them even bigger, super-sized or even a slideshow :-

So that’s it for today I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my latest Erin Condren goodies, but now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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