Hiya, so its that time again, time for our #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and this month again we have gone almost back to the beginning of my Youtube journey with a fun and funky Cricut Card – # TBT May Cricut Martha Stewart Forever Young Card , Over time I have made several cards with this cartridge but I think this is one of the few that got made into a video. I will put some photos of some of the other cards too just for your interest.

Anyway as always with #TBT I will start you off with an introductory video and then follow it by the actual project video being featured:-

Now for the # TBT May Cricut & Martha Stewart Forever Young Card video:

And now to the photos of this card and a few others from the same cartridge for you to have a peek at. There is this one made using fabric, a 3d bag, and then just made using card.

So thats it, a wonderful collection of Forever Young Girlies. I just love these cuts and you have so much choice in that you go for a very simple style or more elaborate and both work for the Girlies on this Cartridge, But anyway for now thats it so hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on # TBT May Cricut Martha Stewart Forever Young Card

  1. Such fun “mod” cards! I didn’t know you could stiffen fabric like that to use on the cards. Really cool idea. I have so many Martha Stewart punches and I really need to start using them. It’s such a lovely look. An oldie but a goodie…just like me…lol

    • Lol! you’re not an oldie silly :-)) It looks good doesnt it using the fabric, I had forgotten that technique myself so it was fun to watch it back for me too 🙂

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