Hiya, today is just a quick written post to show you my Mum’s Cricut Business Ad Board that I made her.

I was just going to post the photo on my social media but the explanation of what I did to make it was just too long, so I thought it would be easier just to do a quick post here.

Step by Step

    1. We had kindly been given an old A board which I painted with Blackboard paint.
    1. I then measured the black area and made a box of those dimensions in Cricut Design Space.
    1. Next I added the words I wanted using the ‘Text’ button. However I did each line separately so I could move them how I needed to. I couldn’t find a font I liked so I searched Cricuts #makeitnow projects for ideas and found a font I liked (Wanderlust) so then I had to play around with the letter spacing, centring, adding to flourish (Chalkboard Fonts), finding a clearer font for the numbers (Martha Stewart All Occasion Art) that complimented the main font. See pic a below.
    1. My plan was to use a roll of vinyl and cut it into that, however the design was too wide so I then realised I had to split the project into 3 sections and preferably one that could be made from one roll of vinyl. So vinyl roll is 12” x 48” so I needed to split the project into three boxes of  12” x 16” so I split the project into 3 boxes of that size.  See pic b below.
    1. I needed to ‘attach’ the words to each box as I needed Cricut machine to know that I was not expecting 3 boxes and a separate bunch of letters, but in fact what I wanted was three boxes with the words cut out of it to create a stencil. See pic c below.
    1. Next cut all three boxes, set the Cricut Explore to vinyl and it will cut the vinyl but not the backing paper – a kiss cut.
    1. Once all three were cut I weeded out all the letters so I was left with my stencil on my backing.
    1. Now this step isn’t necessary but I thought it would make it easier, and actually I believe it did,  I used a transfer paper onto my vinyl sheets and then transferred them onto my board. Now when making the box shape around the words I made them in such a way as to ensure I uk line them up on the board accurately, till centred both top to bottom and left to right. Basically I made them all the same width and centred the words into the box horizontally and then I made it so the height of each box meant they all touched each other when I positioned the main on the board, and that the top one lined up with the top of the blackboard. That way if I got the top one right, ie centred and touching the top of the black board then the rest could easily follow as all I had to do with them is make sure the touched the bottom of the previous one and that all the sides lined up.
    1. Once the vinyl was transferred and securely stuck down, I took a Creative Expressions smoothie and some white acrylic paint and lightly sponged ( by dabbing straight down onto the board, so that way it minimises the amount of leakage under the vinyl. Also make sure each layer is very thin again to prevent leakage under the vinyl. I found my layers were thin enough that by the time I had dabbed to the bottom the top was the pan dry enough for the next layer. But would suggest you do a couple then give it half hour then go back do a couple more. I think I ended up doing about 6-8 layers but tbh I wasn’t counting. But basically keep going til it is white enough for you taste. I liked the effect of sponging the paint too as it kinda gave it a chalk like look.
    1. Once dry peel off the vinyl and don’t forget all he little bits for the centre of letters etc. I found cutting it across after peeling a bit off rather than trying to get one box off in one go was easier.
    1. Next look at the finished result, gently with a kitchen towel/tissue wipe over to get any loose flakes and dust of paint off. Better you do this now than it peel off later. Now you can’t see where there needs to be any touch ups with both black and white paint. Use a small flat brush and carefully make the touch ups needed. Again paint small and thin and that way when it’s dry (you will see it when it’s wet) you won’t see the touch ups. Also if there are any white bits that got missed touch those up too. This should dry fast as it should be applied real thin.
  1. All finished – see pic d below

Click on the photo to see them large. If you click on photo ‘a’ first then it will open up and you can then use the arrow to move the next photo without having to come back here. Also there is a large cross like button in the top right corner when you open the photos up, and if you click on this you get the photos at an even larger size too.

So that isn’t it for today I hope you enjoyed this extra post, and I will see you again soon for another video.


Amanda Evans

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