Hiya, so today my lil Lolli-ettes I have for you a fun sexy image from Sassy Studio Designs. I love the images that they have over there, they are so fun and just the right amount of sexy so the cards can if done right be used for men or women. This particular image I was originally going to be colouring in reds etc for Valentine, but then I realised that my posting spaces had all been taken up prior to Valentine Day, so I decided lets go for something really a bit different. Now as some of you know my family business is in the nail industry, keep with me here there is a point I promise, well we always find that if the girls ask the guys (of all age groups) what colour shall I have my nails, they always seem to say Blue. So with that in mind I decided to use my Copics and colour her in blue, well not her but her dress lol! I really liked the end result and I don’t remember colouring a blue dress on one of these lovely girlies before and I think the Royal Blue really works well. I really liked her boots – I need boots like that :-)))

Sassy Thumb

However to take a step back before I coloured her I used the new Picscan mat to cut her out and if you want to see all about that then watch out for the next two Silhouette Seminars as I go through exactly how to use it. Anyway because she was my first or second cut I decided to cut her out before colouring just for safety in case I got it all wrong, but it worked! I decided to create a small white border around her as I thought that would make her pop of the card when I made it. Then I coloured her as I said above, but her are the colours I used:-


Next I grabbed a whole heap of stuff and layed out a rough idea of the card, I wanted to add some embossing to the card rather than having patterned paper. That way we had interest but not a pattern overpowering our sexy lady.  I used my cuttlebug and a spellbinders double sided embossing folder and the photo below shows the sandwich required. The leaflet on the folder suggested a different sandwich which include some card shims, Was not impressed with having to add card shims and when I used this combination you can see it came out just fine:-

SGIMG_9076  SGIMG_9075


And Finally here is our Surprise Proposal Stamped Sassy Teddy Girl Card :-


SGIMG_9089  SGIMG_9093

SGIMG_9092  SGIMG_9090

SGIMG_9088  SGIMG_9095

SGIMG_9096   SGIMG_9107

SGIMG_9100  SGIMG_9103


Well I hope you liked my Surprise Proposal Stamped Sassy Teddy Girl Card ? I personally was really pleased with the end result. I enjoyed the various techniques used – embossing, pixscan etc as well as the actual look of the card. I would really love to hear from you and what you think of it, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love how you colored her skin and the beautiful blues of her clothing & boots. Really stunning.

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