Hiya, today is the next instalment in our silhouette seminar series, and today we are going to be looking at how to arc text.  Arcing text is when text is be placed along an curved line in order to create an arced effect for text.

To create you arced text you first need to create a curved shape, any shape with a curved edge somewhere will work, My final shape was a cloud! Next type your text. While in the Text Editing mode (where the text is surrounded by a green editing box), locate the small control point on the lower left-hand side of the text box. Click and hold down on this control point and move your text onto your curve. This can be on the inside or outside edge of the curve, whatever looks right for you.

But to make this easier I have a video below showing Silhouette Seminar No 9 Arcing Text  Enjoy!

I hope this was not only helpful but also given you inspiration for projects you can do using this technique, keep an eye out next week for my Valentine Cloud 9 video which makes use of the final cut, but for now have a great craft day,

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