Hello  my lil’ Lolli-ettes, can you believe we are already leading up to Valentine’s Day, it was only just Christmas! Mind you I suppose a card makers calendar is always a bit off anyway because we have to start making cards for the ‘occasions’ so far in advance – well if we are organised! lol! I haven’t done much in the way of Valentines this year as I am not able to go to my February Craft Fair and as yet I haven’t got to the part in my ‘to do’ list for putting my cards on Etsy. I will. I am slowly catching up and will get there soon and once I do I will be able to add that extra video and the regular challenges which hopefully you will enjoy. Oh and of course the other thing will be the newsletter which will have lots of extras for those of you that have signed up to my website. Anyway back to these cards.

hunkydory roses

I had a lovely kit from Hunkydory, but as most times I have split it up so I have to say I am not sure of the name of the actual kit anymore. However I have made two romantic cards which could be used not only for Valentines but for Birthdays, Anniversary’s or Just Because cards. So here they are my Hunkydory Romantic Roses Cards

rIMG_7453 RIMG_7454

And the second card, which as you can see was made from the leftovers of the first card. Not bad for a card made from scraps eh lol?!

RIMG_7450  RIMG_7451  RIMG_7452

Well as always I hope you liked the cards and again as always I would love to hear your comments, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Hunkydory Romantic Roses Cards

  1. You’re really busy Amanda as I haven’t heard a thing from you in weeks. I’ve been busy too. So much is going on since the holidays. I just don’t have time to get around, I use too be able to visit a lot of sites and read and enjoy and comment but my time is sort of tight right now. I always drop in to see what you’re up to
    I am not able to comment as often as before because I get to my mail late and it’s almost 3AM by the time I finish..So little time for comments. Everything you do is lovely so you know that. LOL Anyway wanted to say hello and love your work.
    take care and hugs to your little buddy.

    • thank you my lovely, although not sure what you mean when you say you haven’t heard from me in weeks cos I have been posting on here 4 times a week still and as far as I know I have answered all comments and you have not neglected me so dont you worry 🙂 Hugs to you and try not to go so mad that you wear yourself out xoxo

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