Hiya, its that time again for a look back at an old Lolli Lulu Crafts video. Today I am taking a trip down memory lane to 2010 with a Christmas Card mini series, well basically it was a mini series cos I was only allowed 15 minute videos back then! lol! This is a Shaped card made using my Cricut Gypsy, that I no longer have 🙁  I also took the opportunity in this video to show some hints and tips on using your Gypsy as of course when I made the videos the Gypsy and the videos were fairly new to me so I thought it would be helpful to share some ‘handy hints’.  Anyway I think this is a really fun card and is a great Christmas card for a kid. So first there is the video introducing this months # TBT Cricut Christmas Tree Shaped Card  followed by the actual videos and then some photos. I haven’t any product list really for you on this one as most of the stuff used is either no longer made or just stuff that would be part of your stash and I no longer could say for sure what it was I used. Don’t want to mislead you with just any old list lol! So here goes:

And here is the Christmas Tree Shaped Card Videos:-

And the photo – sorry this is all I have of it and I don’t have the card any more 🙁

Christmas Tree Z card wm

So I hope you enjoy this # TBT Cricut Christmas Tree Shaped Card and I would love to hear your comments,hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on # TBT Cricut Christmas Tree Shaped Card

  1. Amanda
    what a cute fun funky card. I love it. it looks free and playful and different from anything I’ve seen.
    I think it will make a great stage setting too. People from the back can see it and it would be delightful in Babes in Toyland or something of that nature. fun wild and colorful …I think it could be more than a card. It could be a set decoration for stage plays..

    • I love your ideas, I do hope you are going to enter my challenge, I have to say I am getting a bit anxious not seeing many entries and none of my regulars on there at all 🙁 Thanks you though as always for your lovely comments xoxo

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