Hi Guys, Today i have a card that I think fills a significant gap in the market. The image itself was probably not intended for this purpose and is more likely just for a lovely friends birthday card. But when I saw it, as I said, I felt it would make a type of card that is so often neglected. So I hope you like the card but even if you don’t like the sentiment you can I am sure see that could easily be changed and the rest of the card could stay the same. Another thing to say is that this card originally had a video showing all of the colouring, which was done in watercolour pencils. and I was really pleased with it. However somehow in the crash of my old computer and before my lovely new iMac, I lost all the video. I checked all the backups and not a sausage – totally gutted. I had ask had all the photos gone too, but luckily I still had the card as it was a fairly new make so I was able to re photograph it – PHEW!! So here it is my Stamping Bella Happy Anniversary Card :-


sb5657    sbIMG_9664


sbIMG_9667  sbIMG_9669

sbIMG_9666  sbIMG_9670

So I hope you liked the Stamping Bella Happy Anniversary Card and would love to hear if you have this stamp and what you did with it, in the meantime have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. Beautiful card! Sorry you lost the video I would have loved to have seen it. I recently bought some watercolor pencils.

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