Hi guys today I am sharing with you an old video of Silhouette Wedding Invitations that I made for a customer back in the summer of 2012. The video just shows the first set of samples I made and below I have a couple of photos of some more samples I made plus photos of the finished design. The lady decided that she really wanted to go super simple – or should I say super inexpensive so didn’t want to spend the extra it would be for a few gems 🙁 I think it is a shame really cos I really gave a very good price and I think, although I like the finished cards, that it needed just a little something extra since it was all white and no bling at all. I have to say she was quite difficult to deal with and I did each time exactly what she asked but she really gave me no room to be creative which was the reason she said she came to me in the first place. She was so hard to get a hold of, to the point where I had to say in email if I didn’t hear back I would not have time to even do the invitations! I have to say I am a pretty patent person but that stretched my patience a lot and it definitely made me decide not to do weddings again. It was definitely a shame to get Bridezilla first time out but it is what it is but I definitely think it made me realise that it was not for me as there is always a higher chance with weddings to get that cos they are so super stressed. Anyway here is the video and then do pop down below it to see the photos too:-

So here are the photos of some of the samples I made for her:-

 Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 22.02.27  Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 21.59.04

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 21.53.57


IMG_0392  IMG_0393

IMG_0394  IMG_0391

  IMG_4833   IMG_4840

And here are the photos of the finished invites:-

2012-07-26 15.32.22

2012-07-26 15.31.57  2012-07-26 15.31.36

So that is it for today I hope you liked the cards. I know the video wasn’t as good a quality as it could have been. It just shows I guess the improvements I have been making to my equipment really have been doing something. I hope so the amount they cost lol! Anyway have a great craft day and see you again soon,

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ps as I have had a few questions about my foiling machine, here is a video I did a while back showing you the machine and giving a little demo. I will do a project as requested at some point in the future for you 🙂

Amanda Evans

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  1. Wow Amanda, I loved your first one, and that bow on there was just gorgeous! I also liked the one with the WEDDING in the middle next most and can’t believe how simple (and in need of bling) her final requirement/choice was! I’m not surprised you didn’t want to go down that path after dealing with her, I don’t think most people would after being messed around so much! Good on you though for remaining professional and finishing the job. And yes, loved the video too, even though it was old (to you) and love the new equipment experience as well – well worth the expense! Thanks for sharing! I’m off to view the next one and then I think I’m all caught up again (Hunkydory Autumn). Take Care! Kaz

    • Ahh you dont ono the half of it and how rude they got just cos I was having to keep chasing them because I needed to start on it and hadn’t had a final choice on design or any deposit. She got her now husband onto me too and I do not appreciate begin bullied by a man – and sorry to use that word but that was what he was trying to do. I luckily had kept everything and recorded everything and got it signed so he was arguing that I had not said it had to be sorted by a certain date and I had his wife to be signature on a document and an email confirming that fact ha ha! never mess with a lawyer we will always be way ahead of ya! I had to point out that they were not the only work I was doing and I was turning stuff down even thought they hadn’t confirmed. It was a nightmare – I was trying to be discreet above but Im too honest to be that discreet with you guys lol! Glad you can see what I mean about the design. She was just penny pinching all the way. She even dumped an RSVP cos she didn’t want to pay and put and email for people to rsvp to – yuk! lol xxx

  2. Oh yes, I went back to youtube and had forgotten all about wanting to see more of this foiling technique, I’ve never seen it before so I think another video is in order! *grin*

  3. Amanda
    I too would love to see how you did the foiling. I would love to get a foiling machine but am not sure of what to buy.
    I think the ideas were all beautiful and the bow was really great. Oh so pretty. really filled that back space beautifully.
    It’s so sad that people can’t make up their minds and really don’t know the work that goes into these kinds of special projects. They think they can get it cheap but they don’t realize that if you have an artist it’s all hand made. You’re not a printing press machine. you’re flesh and blood and you have to do things step by step and even with cutters and printers it’s still all done a piece at a time. If they want the usual fare then they should go to a printer and get the usual print. They can spit out those invitations one after another by the hours. If you want to use an artist then you have to pay for that handmade work. I hope you got what you deserved and any man who tries to bully a woman in my mind is a small little boy man. Not a real man. Hope you were properly compensated.
    pat….I’m am interested in seeing the foiling.

  4. Thanks Amanda
    I know others will be interested too as the effects are so outstanding and brilliant that you just feel attracted to the process especially if you love blind. And I admit it I do love bling..It makes all the difference in cards. It brings that big of sparkle that we all love. It makes things feel rich and special. Rich in the artistic sense. Like with the old masters who used gold and got a glow that really hasn’t been replicated. Thanks for the video.

    love it

    • It so does make a difference – but I always forget to use my foiling machine cos at the moment I dont have it front and centre as it were and I must remember to use it more. I know what you mean about the masters there is something they captured that never seems to have been done again. I guess I am lucky to live in country so rich in history – architecture, literature and music. You can walk around any village or town here and be falling over buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old. We take it for granted I think really. I mean the forest all around me is so old and has wonderful history and historical practices and rules that are followed even today. Anyway I am going off the point onto a little wander so I will just finish off by thanking you as always for your lovely comments xx

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