Now I know no-one likes a smarty pants but I have to be just a little boastful and go OH YEAH I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!! I won the Fan-tastic Tuesday challenge with, even if I do say so myself, that fabulous Vintage Shabby Chic card I made. I seriously have to do this style again, I know its not my usual style but it hasn’t done bad for me has it, I think this is its second win and for a style that is not my usual style and outside my comfort zone I have to be pretty darn pleased with myself about it. I have to say I really enjoyed making it and thought it came out really pretty but I really wasnt expecting to get anywhere with these challenges since I had never done any of them before either. So thank you to those people that organise them for us all to enjoy and if you ladies haven’t tried it yet – I highly recommend it is actually fun. And I do mean the taking part bit, the winning was just the cherry on top.

I will let you know when I know what I have won – this one is a prize one 🙂



Amanda Evans

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