Hi all, as promised on the video that I did a couple a weeks ago showing these recently launched dies, I have been busy cutting all afternoon and photographing so you can see how lovely these dies look when they are cut. As an aside, I have added the video below in case you missed it before. Anyway to the details of the cutting. I decided to use hunky-dory card stock, as it is great for showing the embossing on and has lots of lovely colours and I used my spellbinders Grand Calibur die cutting machine. So to cut I used my base plate and cutting plate adding in waxed paper and powdering the dies to ensure a clean easy removal of the card. It did take several passes through the machine to get a complete cut through, although this is not unusual on the Grand Calibur with these more detailed dies. Once cut I changed the cutting plate to the baby pink embossing plate and rubber shim (with the base plate still) to emboss.

blankIMG_3424      IMG_3429

blankIMG_3433     IMG_3430

So below are the photos of the packaged dies that I have cut out and then the actual die cuts themselves. Please click on the image to enlarge and get a really good close up of the image. Anyway I’m sure you will agree that the detail is stunning, although as I said I did have to give it a few passes through the G.C machine to get it to cut all of it. I have to say, with the same dies, I did not have the same issue in my big shot.

blankIMG_3428        IMG_3427        IMG_3426

blankIMG_3425 IMG_3442

IMG_3441 IMG_3440 IMG_3439

IMG_3437 IMG_3436  IMG_3435

blank IMG_3438  IMG_3432


So I hope you enjoyed having a close up view of the new dies and how they come out when cut, I think they are so gorgeous, let me know what you think? And finally check below my signature here if you would like to see the video I uploaded a few weeks back showing these new dies, have a great craft day and see you tomorrow with a video,

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