Hiya, today we are taking a look at three of the top brands of coloured pencils to compare them and how they work.

I have been asked a few times now about the differences in the brands I use and so I thought that I would make a video not only comparing them for colouring purpose but also other information about them too. So for todays video I am looking at Faber Castells Polychromos, Prismacolors and Derwents Coloursoft. Below you will first find my video going through some information about the different brands then followed by a demo of them all showing a single colour, complimentary colour blend and finally a contrasting colour blend. So here is my Polychromo v Prismacolor v Coloursoft video:-

I thought that there was quite a lot of info in the video and that it might be helpful just to note it down here in a table which allows you to see the three brands side by side:-

Made in: –  Germany USA UK
Core: – Oil Wax Wax
Total Colours: –  120 150 72
Price: – £1.90 £2.35 – £2.70 £2.04
Purchased as: –  Individual Individual Individual
6 (tin)
12 (tin) 12 (tin)  12 (tin)
24 (tin) 24 (tin) 24 (tin)
24 (box)
36 (tin) 36 (tin) 36 (tin)
 36 (box)
 48 (tin) 48 (box)
60 (tin)
72 (tin) 72 (tin)
72 (box) 72 (box)
132 (tin)
 120 (tin)
120 (box)
150 (tin)

And I also thought it would be helpful to see the colouring demo sheet too:-

And finally here is some photos of the pencil sets I have so you can take a closer look at them:-

So that is it for today, you may have seen that I have not told you a favourite of the three and that was deliberate, As I said in the video the brands are all good and I dont think it is right for me to say which I think is the ‘best’ as that is only based upon how I like to colour and not really any real independent reasoning. All of them are good, each has its good points and its not so good points and it does at the end of the day come down to personal preference. So on that basis I hope the information I have given you might help you decide which would suit you, but I would always recommend before investing in a whole lot buy an individual colour of the brands you are interested in and try it. If you think that is a waste, well firstly it would be a bigger waste to invest in a whole set and then find you dont like it, but also get a colour like a black or a green, something that once you do decide will be a colour you are likely to use a lot so would eventually need a replacement of anyway.  Dont forget that the links are down below my signature to the products we have talked about today, I am always grateful if you can use them 🙂 Otherwise thank you and see you next week for a very pretty Hunkydory card,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Polychromo v Prismacolor v Coloursoft

  1. Thank you for your in depth video. I thought it was a very fair demonstration of the three brands. I have the prismacolor big set and the big polychromos set. I like them both. I do find that breakage is a bit of a problem and living ina warm climate I do get wax bloom with the prismacolors. I like the vibrant colors. I very much like my polychromos and they hold a sharp point longer. Here in the states the polychromos are more expensive than the prismacolors. I would like to try the Derwents. The colors look very nice and that box is lovely. Thank you for taking the time to show us a side by side comparison.

    • Im am so sorry that I have not previously replied but for some reason the comment did not send me a notification until now!! go figure. Anyway thank you for your comments and I found it interesting what you said about the points lastly longer on the Polychromos. Just to let you know this Fridays video is a review of the Prismacolor Water Soluble Pencils xx

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