Hiya, today is a day I have been working towards for nearly a year now and so I am super super excited to announce and share with you, Lolli’s Lodge – my lovely beautiful new craft ‘room’. I have here a whole week of videos for you – which was almost as stressful as sorting and organising all my craft stuff into my new lodge! lol! focusing on craft room tours and storage solutions.

So this journey started almost one year ago and in all that time I have been so dying to share with you all. I know I hinted a lot about a big surprise I had for you all. But then I felt bad because really technically the surprise was really for me. But then I thought actually ultimate you guys will benefit, because once everything is 100% complete my video production and projects will be slicker and easier for me to make, and I will get be able to get to really do the schedule and projects that I really want to do for you because it will be all so much easier.

Now rather than chat on here too much I am going to let the videos speak for me. What I have planned is a week of videos, several on each day, the first day will be an overview/introduction of Lolli’s Lodge and then on the other days I will be going into much more detail of specific areas of the Lodge and the storage solutions have employed plus a more detailed look at the crafty items relevant to each video. So by the end of the week you should not only have a thorough look at the Lodge but also all the storage solutions I have used and a good peek at my crafty stash too.

So each day there will be more videos added, but to be sure you get notified I will put each one on a separate post and also it means that the product lists below my signature will be accurate to that video rather than all mixed up. So for today I am introducing Lolli’s Lodge to you, giving you an all round tour, so for now enjoy and here is my Lolli’s Lodge Introduction New Craft Room Tour video:-

So that is an overview / introduction to Lolli’s Lodge and I hope you all like it as much as I do, I have been using it a bit lately for making project videos and it is so much easier. As always I have some photos for you so you can see it all a bit closer. Dont forget to click on the photos to see them in full:

Anyway that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to seeing you again for the rest of the videos this week. Lastly check out all the links below for details of the Lodge etc, hugs

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