Hiya, today it is that time of the month again where we take a look at the next months Craft Box.  So this time Anna has kindly sent me May’s Craft Box to play with and to share with you all. Earlier in the week we took a look at the box itself (video below if you missed it) and today is the day I share with you the project I made from the box.

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So this months box is themed ‘Time’ and has all elements based on that inc clocks, tea as in time for … etc and a lovely palette of warm golds, champagne and burgundy. It has so many elements in the box that it is quite hard to choose where to start. lol!

Anyhow I am super excited to share this project with you and am so pleased with the finished result, I hope  you like it too, it is something a little different for me as I don’t really venture into the shabby chic style often. But I think it turned out really well and I definitely think I want to do more cards in this style in the future. Anyway lets get going with this months Craft Box Project video, here is Craft Box Shabby Chic Vintage Time Card video :-

Now as usual here are the photos of the finished card.  If you need you can just click on it to make it larger and then click it again to make it supersized:

Finally here is Mondays Craft Box Opening if you missed it and having seen the project you want to see the contents of the box as they arrived, you can click the link HERE for the full blog post or you can just watch the video below only:

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this months Craft Box week and for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on Craft Box Shabby Chic Vintage Time Card

  1. LOVE this card Amanda..and LOVE those Clocks..Can you tell me where you got the domed clock, it looks like a big dome of glass on top, or who makes it? The envelope was just lovely too..Just beautiful, as usual…I love Shabby Chic and anything Vintage..(cuz, maybe because I am getting to be a Vintage age~lol) have a wonderful weekend, my young friend…

    • Well this was all from the Craft Box – the video of the opening of the box was at the beginning of the week? – anyway if you go on her site there is a section called replay which had individual items left from the previous boxes. I took a look for you and both of the watches that I think you might mean are there for sale, here is the link to the page so take a peek and you can see if it is one of them x http://www.craftbox.co.uk/collections/craft-box-replay?page=2

      • Thank you sweetie. I haven’t been able to watch many of your video’s lately..we have so much going on here..Sick kitties, at the vet all the time, and just a bunch of stuff..When it rains, it pours, and we have had a couple of months of that..IT is getting better and I will catch up..Hope your doing well..I always love it when you do the video’s outside and I hear the birds singing…hugs to you Amanda, and enjoy your weekend and thank you for the info..

        • My pleasure lovely, I thought I would mention the other video as it might have helped you ID the item you wanted – Im sorry to hear about the kitties and all the rest. Sending big hugs – Im off to try and sleep its 4am here lol! xx

  2. Hi Amanda, I can’t buy from the UK because I can’t afford the shipping at least so far what people have quoted me…I did find a company in the US at ETSY that had them that send you 10 for $1.80 but that was without shipping. I don’t know what the quality is, but I will tell you as soon as I seen them…Hugs to you, Amanda…

  3. OH MY, please don’t answer me at 4am..I can always wait..I am a late owl or should I say early am owl..I stay up till the wee hours of the am and shouldn’t..I am trying to change my habits but if that is the only bad habit I have, it isn’t that bad..What is bad, is when I have a early am dr’s appt which happens..SO it will be better for me to at least get to bed my midnight..take care Amanda…your a doll for sure…

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