Hiya, today I have a card that I made using Stampin Up stamp set Everything Eleanor but surprisingly I made it into a Christmas Card. I wanted to do a video showing how you go about making a flat stamped card using stamp layering and picture building techniques which can be a little confusing to do I think.

I have been asked a few times to do a video on this as it is a way of stamping that is a bit muddily to work out but actually once you get the idea in your head that you are just stamping your picture back to front as it were – you will see what I mean in the video – it is actually a very simple yet effective technique. So here is my Stampin Up Everything Eleanor Christmas Card video:-

Now in the video I made my card base using my easy peasy card method and for the few of you that haven’t yet seen this video here it is for you:

Now as always here are a whole heap of photos of our finished card, and as always the best way to see the photos is to click on the first one and then go from there:-

So that is is for today, and don’t forget there is another video tomorrow as being December you get an extra video a week, I hope you have been enjoying them – it has killed me off trying to get them all done lol! But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

Amanda Evans

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