Hiya, today I have a another post for our ‘Cardz 4 Men’ series. This is the cutest Dad card from the Forever Friends Character Range and was made from Do-crafts Digital Designer CD ROM.

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To make this card I went in to the Do-crafts Digital Designer software which allows you to design on your screen the different elements for your card. You can do as little or as much as you want on the screen, you can make your full design of your card and then just print out onto a card or you can make all the different elements, print them out, then cut them out and put it all together as your card. In this case I went in the middle ground I did some work on the screen and some crafting once printed.

So first of all I designed the background piece of paper for my card. So I picked out a virtual card of A5 size and started designing my background onto this. First of all I added the football paper design to the bottom third of the sheet. Then I added my sentiment to the top, and finally I added to my two characters. I added the characters here, even though I intended printing out decoupage sheet for the bears, because it helped me understand exactly where I need to position the characters in relation to the rest of the design.

Then I printed out my character decoupage sheet and I cut the layers by hand, then used 3d foam to put them together. Next I created my insert in my design software using the football paper to create added interest.

Finally I started putting the card together. First of all I got a pre-scored A5 cardbase invite to which I added a mat of silver Mirri and then my background design. I then added this fabulous black & white ribbon which I think really added some dimension to the card. Next I added my decoupage character, my little Forever Friends Bears. Finally I added the insert to the inside of my card, and there we have my Forever Friends Dad Card

So I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at this additional Cardz 4 Men post project, I would love to hear what you think, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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