Hiya, today I have a selection of cards for you with a London/UK theme all made from Kanban products.

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I made these cards a little while back now, over the time of the Queens Jubilee and of course the London Olympics. At that time everything London and everything UK was the height of fashion.

So I have today the card I sent to Her Majesty the Queen, and this card got me a personal letter back from Her Majesty’s Lady-in-waiting. At the time of the Jubilee, Her Majesty received, as you can imagine, hundreds of thousands of cards. Of these a number were selected to be personally seen by Her Majesty and then a number of those selected for personal letters.

KL471431_370863809644447_856086543_o KLIMG_5294

I also have included here a Forever Friends London Taxi Card with Union Jack background paper. The Forever Friends Bear is a big character here in the UK.


Finally I have a couple of Square cards with iconic London images.

KLIMG_5925  KLIMG_7432

So that’s our cards for today, a small selection of Kanban London Cards and I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at these, I know you may have seen couple of these before if you are following me on Facebook a couple of years back, but I thought for those of you that weren’t that it would be fun to share these with you on here. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. How fabulous! And what an honor for yours to be selected for a personal letter. But of course it was gorgeous!

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