Hi Guys, well it is nearly time for Santa to be coming down our chimneys, so the question is Have you been Naughty or Nice?! lol! Well I know one thing that is definitely nice, in fact it is Icey Nice and that is this months #TBT which is a sparkling set of Christmas Cards made on the Cricut Imagine using the Winter Woodland Cartridge. However don’t forget that if you have a Cricut Explore you will now be able to make the Imagine cuts using the #explorecricut Print n Cut Feature. But these cards are one of my favourite Christmas Card Sets I made because they were just so sparkly.

cricut winter woodland

However like last month I don’t have a product list for you at the end of this post as this just is too long ago for me to be accurate. Yes I know I could link you to something similar but that isn’t really playing fair and my pledge to you has always been to be totally honest and also to only suggest products that I know or use. That said the yummy sparkle is a product that I am trying to get for my shop, I am after all trying to be a craft embellishment specialist and you can’t really be that without sparkle can you?!? lol!  Anyway as always with a Throwback Thursday post I will start off here with the introduction video followed by our historical video – ha ha that makes it sound ancient it was only 2011!

And now here is our  #  TBT Cricut Christmas Winter Woodland Card :-

But again my photographing back them wasnt so efficient so I do only have the one photo of the finished card šŸ™


So I hope you enjoyed a little look back in the archives and don’t forget  you can do that anytime by clicking onto the Video flag at the top of my website and it will take you to a very pretty page with all the different video categories where you can watch all my back catalogue to your hearts desire. Anyway do please leave a comment as I do so love to hear what you think and frankly to know you are really out there – ooohh is there anybody there? oooooHHHH!!  lol! More Halloween than Christmas but HO HO HO doesn’t really sound the same on that catchphrase does it? Anyway enough rambling, hugs and see you again before Christmas, hugs,

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