Hi Guys, Just repeating this previous post for those of you that missed my question:-

I am interested to know your opinion on the layout of my blog feed. At the moment I have it set to show snippets of each post and then if you want to read the whole post you have to click the ‘more’ button. However I wondered if you would prefer just to have the whole post showing on the main feed page and then you don’t have to click to see the whole post. The down side is that if you are not interested in that post you have to zoom past the whole of that post to get to the next one. The up side is you don’t have to do a further click if you do want to see it umm ??? Anyway here is a mini survey for you if you wouldn’t mind checking the box that fits with your view, I would appreciate the feedback so I can make the site how you want to see and use it, hugs

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  1. Wow this is really close but at the moment the ‘snippet’ view is winning, if you dont agree then please vote 🙂

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