Hi Guys, todays video is a look at my Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner; Address Book; Notebook and more! I thought I would share with you my lovely new goodies and then tomorrow I have a video for you with an update on this years life planner and how I am using it. So first to the video:

And some more photos for you to show the planner et al all up close and personal, I hope you agree it is soooo lovely.  I am enjoying this years planner and now I can’t wait to use next years. So the first photo is the planner (although I have the platinum/ turquoise covers for it too); then the notebook and lastly the address book. OhAnd don’t forget to click the photos for larger images.

IMG_4136  IMG_4117 IMG_4120

So some close ups of the address book first:-

IMG_4121 IMG_4122

IMG_4126And then the Notebook:-

IMG_4118  IMG_4129  IMG_4118


And lastly on the photos is the Planner with its Party Pops cover:-


IMG_4151  IMG_4150 IMG_4147

IMG_4144  IMG_4143


And as promised in the video here is my video showing the inside of my planner just so you can get a feel for how it looks.

Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for the update on my current life planner and how I’m using it 🙂




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