Hello Everyone, I am so excited to be saying ‘welcome to my website’ 🙂 I feel like a proud Mummy lol! I hope you will  like it as I designed every part of it, from the banner to the menu tabs (although I had a web person for the techy stuff!).

You will find two parts to the site, one side I think of as the blog side, which includes things like the gallery, videos, q & a etc and the other side is the shop side, which includes a section for selling of my finished cards plus a section for selling lots of crafty yumminess.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding all the back catalogue of videos and photos and in the shop I will be adding more and more products. Its my intent to keep changing the products in the shop so its worth checking back regularly anyway.

As for this launch week I have got some fab giveaways for you, with gifts from some great crafting companies and of course from me too. There will be a couple of giveaways each day til Sunday and you have til midnight GMT 7th May 2014 to enter. You will need to subscribe to my web, subscribe to the company who donated the gift for the giveaway plus add a comment to the video comments box – either on youtube or here on the website. I will put the links to all of this on each giveaways video and / or corresponding blog post. You get one entry per giveaway but you are welcome to enter as many of the giveaways as you like. Good luck 🙂

When you subscribe to my site you will get a regular newsletter and this will give you all sorts of exclusive information, projects and discounts codes etc. Check out the why subscribe button to get more information.

If you like my website and you haven’t been on my youtube channel etc before then you may want to follow me on some of my other social media:

YouTube:  Where all my videos are based

Facebook: a place to chat, share ideas and information with each other

Twitter: a place for me to give you quick fire snippets of crafty gossip

Instagram: the place to go to see all my crafty photos.

Pinterest: want to know what I’m looking at, then pinterest is where you need to be.

And finally of course we have my website – the place where all of this comes together in one place – well almost! If you want to see it all you need to follow / subscribe to them all as each will have exclusive content just for them and you won’t see it even on here.

Anyway I want to end my first post with a huge thank you to all of my followers that have been so loyal to me over the years, without you I would not be doing this now. THANK YOU 🙂

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p.s don’t forget to scroll down on my web pages as there a few pages where it seems you can see everything without scrolling but actually there is more. For example, the home page where there is the slider giving links to various parts of the LLC web, actually also has a ‘welcome and about me’ part underneath that slider. Hope that helps you find even more stuff to look at, 🙂

Amanda Evans

24 Comments on Welcome to my website – Lolli Lulu Crafts !!!!

  1. Wonderful looking site, so far, love the pastel colors and not too fussy a background.
    Love your videos & your take on crafting too. Good luck!! Neva

    • Thanks Neva – did you leave a comment on the silhouette video? I know I’m having issues with comments on here but if necessary you will need to leave a comment on the youtube video otherwise you won’t get included in the giveaway 🙂

  2. Love the look of your new website Amanda, especially that first page, that image is just gorgeous! Will have a quick look around then I better get to bed! Congratulations again!

    • thank you, thats from a card I made, just a real close up. All the images are mine in some way, some might be someone else’s digi but then i coloured them. All the tiles in the gallery and videos to show the categories all from my cards and projects. And i made them all myself in photoshop hence why this has been a big project 🙂 Thanks for support 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda! Congrats on your new website, it looks great! Can’t wait to see more of your crafting!

  4. I have commented on the ‘giveaway’ post, but just to say Congratulations! Looking very nice!

    • thank you Sue I appreciate all the support and that it has got me to this place – super excited and just hope everyone likes it now :-))

  5. Looks wonderful! Will all of your videos be here now? I seem to be missing some of the notifications so I’m way behind in watching.

    • Yes all on here and if you subscribe then you will be told when there is a post and a little snippet so you can tell a little about what the post is i.e. a video or not etc. Youtube have changed their notification system so you don’t get an email anymore unless you do this extra thing, but prob wouldn’t do that now as you would inundated with notifications then lol! Also you will get newsletter from me with exclusives – see the why subscribe flag for more on that 🙂

  6. Good luck! I’ve enjoyed your videos on YouTube very much. Thanks for all the work you’ve done.

  7. I am so excited about your web site! When I first found your videos on YouTube , I looked for a web site and was disappointed there wasn’t one! Yay. Now there is. I already subscribe to your YouTube and now your web. Thanks!

  8. Congrats on the birth on your new baby! The site looks just Sparkling! 🙂 Silhouette is new to me, so I am going to go check it and see what it has to offer!

    • thank you, and yes definitely check out the silhouette. You should be able to download the software even though you don’t have a machine so you will be able to see how that works a little at least. And also you are always welcome to ask my opinion on anything, or a question and you will get an honest independent opinion / reply back 🙂

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