This Hunkydory Tri-fold Card is a simple yet effective style of card that looks more complicated than it actually is. I was really pleased with the finished result and I think as usual I think that has a lot to do with the materials you use. If you use a really good quality card stock so you get a really solid foundation to your card it makes a massive difference to how it feels to the recipient. Plus in general a very simple style of card can look amazing just because the materials you use are of good quality, and to me quality often equates to the weight of the card used.

Hunkydory as those who follow me regularly is a Lolli favourite as you really can never be disappointed with its quality, weight and style – well in my opinion anyway 🙂  I hope you enjoy the video and I would love to hear your comments and for you to share this to your crafty friends, have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on Hunkydory Tri-Fold Card

  1. Amanda
    Where is the thumbs up..I’m at your web site and I have to be in YouTube for the thumbs up. LOL
    Next time I’ll watch on YouTube.
    Well I think it’s an unusual card and very pretty. Loved the paper and stickers. You always have such nice taste in things. So your off to a great start. Have a wonderful weekend and see you at the next video. take care

    • ahh no stay on here – you don’t need to thumbs up, youtube have changed the way they do things now and all that matters to try and help get my videos up the list is the audience retention, i.e. the more you watch of the video start to finish the better. The rest doesn’t matter anymore and would much prefer to have your comments on here 🙁 hugs xx

  2. Since I have found your YouTube and now your new website, I am amazed at your talent. I love you videos, they are so informative. Thank you for sharing!

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