Hiya,, so today I have for you week 1 in my new Background Techniques mini series. Overall there will be 4 weeks for completion of the series and each week we take a look at a different medium that can be used to make great backgrounds for our cards.

Quite often, like today, there will be more than one video to show a couple of ideas for backgrounds using that weeks medium. I could have put both backgrounds in one video but decided that you may only want to see one of the two etc. But each week there will be only one post on here so you will find all videos for that week on the one post.

So this first week of the mini series and will be focused on making backgrounds using your inks, but as with most weeks in the series these barely scratch the surface of the possibilities.

So here are my Background Techniques Mini Series – Week 1 Inks videos:-

So as always here are the photos of the finished project for you, and as always don’t forget to click on the image to get the full size photo, option for super sized and auto playthrough:-

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and as always I would love to hear from you, love for you to subscribe if you haven’t already (box at the top of the page) and of course love to see you again next year. But for now, thanks for watching, hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Background Techniques Mini Series – Week 1 – Inks

  1. A great couple of videos – loved watching them, and definitely some techniques I’ll be trying. 🙂

    • Sorry since I changed my website I seem to be missing comments on here Anyway thank you for your comment and glad you were enjoying the series and hope you liked the rest. If you do make some cards though would love you to post a photo of them on my Facebook page (links in the ‘let’s get social’ menu) as would love to see what you do, hugs xxx

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