Hiya, today I am reviewing the new We R Memory Keepers Precision Press Stamper tool, which is in the category of tools designed to aid your regular stamping plus enable you to add other techniques that are fashionable right now and do those more easily – such as the layer stamps.

I love stamper tools and I suspect that not all are made equal, and the price points between them can vary quite a lot so you want to be sure to get one that not only works well full stop but one that works well for what you need it for. Now the most obvious one in this category is of course the MISTI this is not something I own and so I cannot in all honesty compare this to that. However what I have done it not only give you my honest opinion but shown you what I did so you can see for yourself. So take a look at my WRMK Precision Press Stamper Review video:

As you can see despite my initial excitement I didn’t think this stamper really did the job very well, now if I am being unfair and have just missed something or done something wrong then please do leave a comment and tell me asa I am at a loss as to know what it could be. I used their own stamps in the method they described in the instructions, and if I haven’t done anything wrong and this is it then I am sadly disappointed. I say sadly as I am a big fan of WRMK. Just to add that later on, on its launch, I also intend to review and compare this one to the Tonic Tim Holtz Stamper so make sure you look out for that too. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

Amanda Evans

3 Comments on WRMK Precision Press Stamper Review

  1. Misti has a spongy pad so stamps much better, especially for photopolymer stamps. I always stamp on a stamp mat,even with mounted rubber. I think the stamps are not working well because you are stamping on a hard surface. It also looks like the cover doesn’t have any give so it’s hard to get a good impression. You’ll probably need to add A thin spongy material like fun phone for it to work well

    • I didnt realise they had been taken over which makes sense of why their products seem so vastly different in the quality and yet value you normally get. I agree with you re the pad, hence as you saw I added it and it works fine. But of course they make such a big thing of not needing it and so it really isn’t living up to the sales pitch. I have said to a few commenters that I have also ordered the new and yet to be release tim holtz stamper and so will be reviewing that when it arrives too. Thank you so much for your comments I appreciate it and it has helped make some sense of it too xx

  2. Sorry I can’t figure out how to edit my comment My previous comment should say fun foam not fun phone. I wanted to summarize my comments which is I think this doesn’t work well because the stamping surface is too hard and the cover is too stiff so it’s difficult to get a good impression. It’s not you. Their products are more hit or mess since American Crafts bought them. They might be pressured to bring things to the market faster with less testing than when they were in control. The new paper trimmer was a dud too, I returned it. Disappointing because their gadgets were always amazingly genius!

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