Hiya, hope you are all good and enjoying all this lovely sunshine? I have a video below for you with a short announcement regarding the posting schedule for the next two weeks so I would be very grateful if you would watch it so you know what is what 🙂

Have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on An Important Announcement

  1. Hi Amanda, thanks for the update. Have a productive week and a bit and look forward to seeing you in July. Mary x

    • thank you Mary – I have already rescheduled everything in the planner and got it all organised what i am hoping to achieve. Wish me luck lol! xoxo

    • thanks hun, working hard to get ahead a little on posts so I can then start to sort out the shop and rest of the web 🙂

  2. I was wondering where you went…lol. I wasn’t seeing your posts on FB and I got a little worried. Glad you are ok and just catching up:)

    • I have been very neglectful on my Facebook but just not having time to do that and all the posts and the rest that you know about 😉 hugs

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