I thought I would share with you Daisie opening her present on her birthday (21st April) as it was a big birthday – 10 years old.

We got our baby when she was just a teeny tiny thing about 12 weeks old I think from battersea dogs home. She was one of 7 puppies, 5 brothers and 2 sisters, so battersea named them after the 7 dwarves. Daisie was Doc back then. We fell in love with her instantly and there was no question that she was meant for us. She was adorable even then and definitely the boss of our big Alsatian Collie cross – another rescue – even though she was a 10th of his size. Sadly we lost our Sam last year, he was a shy boy and didn’t like to go public on youtube unlike our little show off Daisie, but here are a couple photos for you – and you can see he was a lovely boy 🙂

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Amanda Evans

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  1. Daisy obviously loved her birthday present! She is a lovely dog. I think my favorite picture is the one where she is tucked up in bed, but closely followed by the one of her looking closely at her soggy ball – obviously waiting for someone to throw it for her! Sam was a lovely fellow, too. You can see from the pictures how gentle he was. Such sensitive eyes. Thank you for sharing your doggie family pictures. Julie

    • thank you hun, yes I love those ones of her too. Her Santa ball is her life lol! and she was watching it that intently cos she wants you to throw it but also is waiting to play the game of grab it just as mummy does umm! not a game i am that fond of but one she seems to enjoy! As for sammy yes he was the biggest softie and it is hard to believe that before we rescued him he had been so badly mistreated and even to his old age certain things still distressed him and we were careful not to do, like touching his tail, Not that he would hurt us but it made him upset cos they had obviously pulled him by his tail to teach him a lesson – ooh those sorts of people make you so mad! anyway glad you enjoyed and back to crafting the rest of the week i promise 🙂

  2. Happy 10th Birthday, sweet Daisie Mae! She’s very good at opening presents 🙂 she’s a very lucky doggie to be so loved! So sorry about your other dog Sam – I didn’t know he passed – so hard to lose our furry loved ones. The website is amazing, Mandi – I hope you’re getting tons of subscribers!! Love and hugs xoxox

  3. Lovely video Amanda. Your Daisie is a very happy dogand we can see her smiling eyes. Happy 10th Birthday sweet Daisie!

    • ahh thank you, we think she has a very smiley face too – all bright eyed and bushied tale 🙂

  4. Boy she went right fir the sift underbelly of that platypus…lol. my Shade loves the stuffed toys toi. Finally got her to play with the squirrels in the tree stump…like Daisie has. Only took 4 months. You can tell she loves her Santa ball:). Sam was such a sweetheart…love the picture if them together and Daisie tucked under the covers. Thanks fir sharing!

    • She knew it had the eggy’s in its tummy as she has had these style of toys before. And yes sammy was an angel so soft hearted, how anyone could have abused him i can’t understand. Still we had him for 90% of his life and a happy time he had too. Although he never quite forgot, sad for them to have that happen to them. Your shade and giada and sweet peas and so cute. xx

  5. Amanda…I love stories about animals. we’ve had 3 pugs and we are on the third now. He’s 15 years old and is getting to be a really old boy. He’s almost blind and requires us to take him out and let him pee pee and he has a special bed that I make and check every day as he is in- continent . He can’t help it so I have to do laundry about 4 times a week of all our towels that we use just for him. He is also gimpy in his hip or rear legs and so needs easy walks. He still loves to eat and be with us and seems to have no pain and loves his food and playing. We love him dearly. He is the youngest member of our family. I can’t believe it’s fifteen years. where has the time gone. We got him at 6 weeks and he’s gone on trips with us to Grand Canyon and everywhere. If we go to a national park or someplace where he’s not allowed we take him to day care and pick him up at the end of the day and then he stays with us at the motels. He sleeps with us and is really a bit spoiled. He’s as sweet as they come..so we spoil him. We love him and will be more than sad when he is not with us anymore in body. He will always be with us in spirit and we still love our old pugs..Butchie and Smokey now gone too. They lived to be 16 each.
    I loved seeing your dog as a pup and how he grew up and how they all love their toys. Sleep on beds and get little blankets around them when cold. They are best friends and really come into your hearts as dogs are famous for. They never judge, never say mean things, always happy when you come home. I’m happy I have let animals into my life as I know you must be too. they keep us real, human and in touch with our animal nature. thank you for sharing this lovely video. I loved watching it all. We live by an ocean too. The Pacific Ocean. We know about sea breezes and fog and dampness too. take care Amanda and give your Daisie a hug for me and from Benny our pug dog now. Really enjoyed the video. thanks

    • ahh bless him, but sounds like he is happy though. My baby sleeps on the bed too – as you saw from the photos. Well actually she does sleep IN the bed. I can’t believe she is 10 already, she has always had a bad leg so can’t do long walks, not that she wouldn’t but because i know she would suffer after. And in the winter we hardly take her out at all cos it always sets the leg off, I feel so mean cos she so wants to go out and sometimes it can be weeks but we know it is wrong for her, so she just has to have lots of toys and attention instead. They definitely always stay in our hearts don’t they, and you’re right they never judge and always love us even when you are irritable and in a bad mood. My Daisie always comes and fusses you when you are sad and tries to make you happy. Thanks for sharing about your furbabys 🙂

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