Cricut Maker Basswood World Map



Suggestion:- Print out the following instructions. I know they seem a lot but they are simple to do. Just follow each one and it will work fine, but I am always happy to help if needed.

  1. Open and log in to your Design Space account.
  2. First open the Cricut File:-
  3. Copy/paste the Cricut link in your order email into your web browser (or go to the downloads section on your account page here where you will find a full list of all downloads purchased.)
  4. This will open a page on the Cricut website, click on the large green ‘Open’ button.
  5. Your computer will now take you back to Design Space and open up the Cut File Project details where you are given the option to either click ‘customise’ or ‘make it’ Click on ‘customise’ and this will fully open the project file.
  6. Now save the file. By clicking save here this will add the cut file to your Project Files Library.
  7. All done and ready to cut now or in the future.
  8. Do not close Design Space or the Map project.
  9. Now to open the Map SVG:-
  10. Copy/paste the SVG Map link in your order email into your web browser. This will send the SVG file to your downloads folder. The file is a zip file which may or may not automatically open to reveal the SVG. If it does not open just click on it in your downloads and it will open up to reveal the SVG.
  11. Save/Move the SVG to a folder of  your choice for safe keeping on your computer. I keep mine in a folder called ‘digi images’
  12. Now go back to Cricut Design Space to import the SVG, It is very simple, don’t worry if you are new to it.
  13. You should be on the Canvas page of Cricut Design Space with the World Map Cricut project open. Currently there are no countries.
  14. Go to the left side of the Screen and click on ‘upload’, and then again on ‘upload image’ when the new screen opens.
  15. Next click ‘browse’. This will take you to your computer files where you will locate the SVG Map file you previously saved and click on it. Now you should see an image of the World Map pop up on the left of the screen. If all looks good click on the ‘upload’ button on the right. This uploads the SVG into Design Space.
  16. Now to add the Map to our design canvas. Simply click on the image once, and then click on the ‘add to canvas’ button in the bottom right.
  17. You will now be back on the canvas page where you will see the world map as well as the original base cricut design you had already opened. The last step is simply to resize the map. Click on the map only and then, ensuring the little sizing lock is locked, resize the map height to 12″.
  18. To double check that you are happy with the sizing move the Map over the background cuts.
  19. Assuming everything is ok, SAVE to Cricut Design Space.
  20. If you would like to adjust the sizing at all I would suggest you group the whole of the image, all layers and the resize up or down in one.



This is the download for my Cricut Maker Project Design File for my Cricut Basswood World Map. Once you have downloaded & opened this design file you will be able to be cut it on your machine making the card as shown, customise the design and of course save it to your own account.

Please note that the project will only cut if you own the cut files / images used. These can easily be purchased from Design Space at the time of making and Design Space will identify all the cuts used and which you own. You can of course substitute a cut file for one you already own if you prefer. I will provide the SVG file for the world map itself in this download.

This download link will be sent to you in your order email and will also be available from your account page.

Please click the button below to see the blog post for information and video about the project:-

Cricut Maker Basswood World Map Post


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